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The Last Sense To Be Lost When You Die

When someone dies, a lot of things happen to the body. Staying next to a dying person could sometimes hurt so much. The guilt of you experiencing the actual death may haunt you for more days but it's normal. The pain of losing someone comes with loneliness and desperation moreso when you loved ghe person. Here's the last sense to be lost when someone dies.

Humans have 5 senses and each of them are lost upon death but not all will leave the body once. The sense of touch begins and someone feels nothing when touched. They can't respond to pain even. Later, the sense of taste goes. A person about to die will never have a good taste of anything. Everything will taste awful and meaningless.

The sense of sight quickly follows and the person becomes blind completely. He can't see anything even the people he/she loved. Things grow blurred till no vision is experienced. Lastly the sense of hearing is lost. That is why people believe that a person dying could hear things around them. They will be able to hear but will be unresponsive.

People who loved the dying person take the last moments talking and comforting the person in bed. Wishing him the best of luck and extremely feeling sorry for the loss they are about to experience until the last beep of the monitor.

Content created and supplied by: Lennoxlewis (via Opera News )


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