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Ways in Which Kenyans Are Coping with the Covid-19 Containment Measures

Covid-19 has impacted the lives of Kenyans in many ways. As a result of the outbreak, the government of Kenya has put Covid-19 containment measures to help deal with the widespread of the virus. These methods are imposing curfews, lockdown, and distribution of facemasks and sanitizers to help contain the outbreak.

For Kenyans, this has either affected them negatively or positively. Many Kenyans have responded positively to the government action and therefore they adhere to the regulations put down by the government. Some people view the measures put by the government as some sort of punishment.They blame the government for putting down strict restrictions which has made life harder. But in the real sense, the government is trying its best to control the pandemic.

With the lockdown of 5 counties and curfews that start at 8 p.m for locked-down counties and 10 p.m for the rest of the counties, this has forced the majority of the people to close their businesses early so as not to be caught up with the curfew. This makes people to follow the new norm to help curb the spread of the virus.

The only way to deal with Covid-19 containment measures is to follow the rules, sanitize, practise social distancing and keep time so as not to be caught up by the curfew. Remember these measures were not put there to punish us but to help us reduce the high number of infections of people.

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