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What to do when you Have a Stomachache

Abdominal pain can be caused by many conditions. However the main causes are infections,abnormal growths, inflammations,blockage and intestinal disorders. These infections may also cause changes in digestion such as diarrhoea or constipation. A stomachache can be so embarrassing.

Applying a heating pad,hot water bottle, hot towel or heat wrap over the above cramps and pain. Taking a hot bath with bubbles and essential oils or hot showers can also help. Over the counter medications can help get rid of gas and bloating.

Pain relievers can help reduce the abdominal pain. Eating anti_inflammatory foods that have anti_inflammatory properties can reduce abdominal pain. Bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast are gentle on stomach,they might help prevent further stomach upset.

An upset stomach typically goes away on its own within 48 hours. See a medical professional if your symptoms do not go away after a day or two.

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