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Facts About Pimples:Know The Various Types, Their Causes And Home Remedies To Them

Pimples are as a result of dead skin cells being trapped beneath the pores of the skin. They also occur if oil glands get infected,clogged,swollen hence being filled with pus. Pimples are common among adolescents but can happen at any stage of one's life. In most cases pimples surface in the face,back and chest due to the numerous oil glands in such areas.

Facts About Pimples

Pimples mostly affect adolescents and young adults due to rapid hormonal changes. They may affect babies and even adults in their 30s and above.

Researchers say, almost everyone experiences pimples in their life time

There isn't evidence indicating that some foods are likely to cause pimple infection

Types Of Pimples

Many people don't know this but there are varying types of pimples that plague man kind. These include but not limited to whiteheads,blackheads,papules,pustules and nodules etc.

Home Remedies

It is always a good idea to consult with your medical personnel about recurring pimple infections. In case you do not have serious concerns with them, you can try out these remedies at home:

Tea Tree Oil

Given that tree oil inhibits bacteria growth, get a soft cloth, apply on it some tree oil and rub gently on the pimple.

Green Tea

Green tea is both nutritious and medicinal to pimples. Get green tea leaves mix with water and massage around the pimple for like 1 minute and rinse your face after.

Use Ice

Put an ice pack in a cotton cloth and apply it at least once each day on the pimple for 6-12 minutes. Ice reduces the amount of blood that will flow to the pimple hence reducing on the pain.

According to the UK Newspaper,Guardian:

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