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Why Kenyans Are Afraid Of Going For The Corona Virus Vaccination

It has now been over a year since the deadly Corona virus hit the country. When Covid-19 first arrived, it become a scare to some kenyans while others never took it seriously.The ministry of health laid out some rules and guidelines that were to be of help in fighting the spread of the virus. The country has been doing its best to keep its citizens safe from the deadly virus.

As 2020 came to a conclusion, it concluded with some good news and hope. Different organizations had discovered Covid-19 vaccine that would help restore humanity back to its normal state.

The vaccine news was not well taken by everyone. Those who believe in conspiracy theories developed a negative attitude towards the vaccine. Some other reasons that have made people deny the Covid-19 vaccination include ignorance and false news that spread in different social media platforms.

The ministry of health still continues to urge all citizens to go for the vaccination. Different programs have been put in play to help in encouraging and spreading awareness. Kenya received the Astra Zeneca Vaccine in early March and hopes that all citizens will get vaccinated and stay safe during the pandemic.

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