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Do You Have This Blood Group

The health of all is crucial. Without adequate health, you cannot concentrate on anything. Having excellent health is a blessing from God, no matter how responsible you are or how you take care of yourself. Scientists have verified that your blood type affects your health. Let me explain blood types to you a bit before I tell you which blood type you should always thank God for.  

Three distinct types of proteins located in the plasma membrane of red blood cells are often used to define a person's blood group. A person's blood type is determined by whether or not these proteins are present.  Antigens A and B, Rhesus factor and antigens a and b are the proteins in question. Upper case letters indicate antigens, while lower case letters indicate antibodies.

A person's blood type is determined by the presence of antigen A, B by the presence of B antigen and AB by the presence of both A and B antigens. Likewise, if a person lacks antigen, it belongs to blood group O.   Regarding antibodies, a person cannot possess the antibody specific for the antigen. That is, a person who has the A antigen cannot also have the A antibody, as this could cause the red blood cells to clump together. Therefore, someone who has antigen A has antibody b, someone who has antigen B has antibody a, and someone who has both antigens does not have antibodies.  

Antibodies a and b are found in people with blood group O.  A person is Rh-positive (+) if Rh factor is present and Rh-negative if Rh factor is absent (). Therefore, there are eight different blood groups: A +, A, B +, B +, B +, AB +, AB, O +, O, AB +, AB, O +, O, AB +, AB, O +, O, AB +, AB  The AB blood group is one group you should always be thankful for.

This is because a person of this blood group can receive blood from any blood group. Universal receptors are people of the AB blood group.

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