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Food vs doctor. How to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Health is commonly associated with the absence of disease. Better still, we all attribute health to presence of modern medicines and boy are we thankful to the miracles of doctors. This is true, but I urge you to push that aside for a moment, and brace yourself for a different idea; your food choices will determine whether you visit the doctor or not. 

You can be hurt by something you love, and food is no exception. Most of the human health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity are associate with our food choices. In some cases, the conditions are purely caused by the foods we eat. The good news is that food can save you from those conditions. 

Don't hate your burger and fries just because I said so, but they might be the reason for your unexplained fast weight gain, or your previously diagnosed high blood sugar levels. This is because fast foods are high in fats and simple carbohydrates which will contribute to unwanted conditions like obesity and diabetes.

To summarize, just like friends, the trick with food is that you have to know and choose the right ones(healthy ones). Save your self from a trip to the doctor by eating home prepared meals (minimize fast foods), eat whole grain foods (have complex carbohydrates), eat more fruits and vegetables and surprise your liver and kidneys by drinking more water.

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