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Alleged Treatments Used By Doctors to Fight COVID-19

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Even with the vaccines being administered, the Delta strain continues to cause some breakthrough infections. Because of that there are efficacious drugs and treatments that doctors are using to contain the situation. Since the pandemic began, some drugs have been repurposed to help in fighting the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the new treatments offered by the repurposed drugs can be very effective if they are combined with supportive care improvements. 

Here are the drugs doctors are using to fight COVID-19;

1. Antiviral drugs

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According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), antiviral and monoclonal antibody medications can help hinder the virus from attacking new cells. In patients that have no serious symptoms, the antiviral medications can reduce the risk of severe illness. WHO observes that these medications can also help patients with severe disease who are unable to produce antibodies on their own. 

2. Anti-inflammatory medications

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Ask anybody who has since suffered from COVID-19 an they will tell you that Dexamethasone was one of those drugs. Dexamethasone reduces the likelihood of death in people with severe illness as it reduces inflammations. The drug is very effective in patients who may require respiratory assistance. 

3. IL-6 and JAK inhibitors

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When combined with drugs like remdesivir, the inhibitors can help people who are down with severe illness to get well faster than when only the drugs are used. When combined with dexamethasone as well, the inhibitors decrease inflammation and reduces mortality. 

4. Remdesivir

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This medication works by hindering the virus from making copies in the body. Though the drug is associated with reduced risk of death, the WHO insists that the drug should not be widely used as it is still under clinical trials. The drug is loved by doctors where there are more cases of hospitalized patients as it significantly reduces recovery time.  

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