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Scientists In Bid To Stop Menopause

A biotechnology start-up based in the US known as Gameto. Is working to solve the problem accelerated ovarian aging. In effort to change the trajectory of women's health and equality.

While announcing that it has raised $20million (2,266,000,000) in funding. The start-up explained and it was aiming at redefining reproductive longevity by reprogramming ovarian cells.

The CEO of Gometo Dr.Dina is very clear on the mission."Ovaries age five times faster than other organs,resulting in infetility,early menopause and increased years of poor health for women.We want to change narrative of female reproductive longevity and adress the root causes of sex/gender inequality in our society."

The experts are further building a platform for ovarian therapeutics.To address menopause and improve assisted fertility with three sequenced programmes; Fertilo-to improve assisted fertility and with the mission to eliminate infetility over the time for all women.

Gometo also said it wants to syndronise the pace of ovarian. Aging at the rate of aging in other organs such as liver,brain and skin.

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