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Relieve Muscle Pain with Turmeric

Muscle pain is suffering of varying intensity felt in the muscles. These are frequent and transient phenomena due to excessive muscle activity.

However, if they occur in the absence of any effort, they can be the witness of a more general problem: a virus, a drug or more complex diseases.

Muscle pain does not necessarily indicate an underlying disease. They can occur if you sit or lie down for a long time, if you are doing physical activity for the first time, and if you have sprains and strains.

 Take a hot bath for 20 minutes in which you will have poured 500 g of magnesium sulfate. The transcutaneous effect of magnesium sulfate relieves muscle pain  consume potato juice.

It will reduce fatigue and reduce pain by dilating vessels, and relieving nerves. Consume potato juice on an empty stomach for better effects on the body 

 Take a tablespoon of turmeric, the powder of 5 black pepper seeds in a glass of hot water.

Stir well and drink a glass on an empty stomach in the morning and another glass in the evening when you go to bed. You can also optionally add a tablespoon of ginger.  

 If you can't find turmeric in your city, You can buy here  

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