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How To Spot A Liar In 2 Minutes

According to psychology, 90% of the information you receive is non verbal. Unconsciously, we read body positions and gestures of the person speaking, guess their moodood by their voice timbre and can even tell if they are telling the truth or not. Here are what Allan Pease ( a.k.a Mr body language) and Dr Lilian Glass both who are body language experts say about lying and body language.

1.) Tilting the head to the side. A lying person will try to get some extra time to find the answer to the uncomfortable question and can reflexively imitate the interest in the one asking. This head movements is a great way in hiding their true intentions.

2.) Opening their eyes wide. It is easy to tell if someone is being dishonest by a strong tension in the eye muscles ,which appears because a person is reluctant to look away. Because of this, it often seems that the liar is goggling. Extensive blinking is also a sign of lying or dishonesty.

3.) Liking or biting lips. Dry mucus on the lips and on the tongue can also indicate a liar. Swinging lips to the side or biting them as you speak is a sign of untruthfulness. When a person stops in the middle of a conversation to bite their lips, its actually the body's natural attempt to prevent them from saying anything else.

4.) Pointing at you with their index finger. Finger pointing is considered as one of the most aggressive gestures. If a person responds to a question this way, they are trying to set someone up and imitate righteous anger. This is a sign of anger in tough defense.

5.) Constricting their movements. A great way to tell if someone is nervous is by looking at their hands. If the hands are moving restlessly and playing with little objects, it is a clear sign that the person is feeling uncomfortable. A lying person can consciously restrict themselves in their movements and try to stay still.

6.) Collar tugging and neck scratching. Your neck is one of the least protected areas of your body. Sensing danger, many people begin to pull at their shirts collar, especially if it is tight and makes it difficult to breath. Such gestures is caused by the desire to break free from lies. Neck scratching is also common in uncomfortable circumstances ,as the person is not comfortable with the question.

7.) Covering the most vulnerable body parts. Body language expert Joe Navarro explains that your chest, stomach are intimate zones of the body a person tries to cover up when they feel concerned

8.) Holding onto firm objects. When a person lies, they unconsciously feel vulnerable and try to strengthen their position in every possible way including physical sensations like holding onto walls or tables, chairs or any other firm surface. This helps convince themselves of their safety.

9.) Turning away a little. Even if you don't look a person directly to the face while talking to them, you will always be directed to look at them if you have nothing to hide. This suggests that you are open to communication. If a person turns a little to the side, they maybe unconsciously trying to move the discomfort out of sight.

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