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Countries where menstrual leave is offered nationally.

Countries where menstrual leave is offered nationally.

Well, if you are a female and a grown woman, you fully understand what menstruation is. For those that doesn't know, let me try to explain what it is. This is the period where a female releases an egg from her body if not fertilized. 

This process occurs every month and it is always painful. The pain will rust from one day up to five days, that is according to the hormones the same person has. 

Well, there are some countries that gives female employee a leave when they are on their periods. This is however seen as a good idea because they are trying to share the experience with them. Kenya is said to be among the countries that will give them their leaves and this will make an addition to the countries that are doing so. The countries include, Zambia, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

The pictures below shows a tweet speaking of the same.


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