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You Will Never Lose Weight If You Continue Doing These Simple Mistakes.

If you want to lose weight,make sure you are doing the right thing.Have you ever tried everything to loose weight but never succeeded?You might be doing something wrong.See below;

1.Not tracking what you eat.

Take note of what you eat everyday,don't assume.

2.Focusing on the scale or weighing machine weight.

Scale weight changes according to different processes happening in your body.They might be due to fluid fluctuations, muscle mass gain and weight of undigested food.The amount of weight displayed on the scale might not be true.

3.Eating too many or too few calories.

Just eat a good amount.Many calories will make you gain weight while low calories will reduce the metabolic rate and make you more hungry for food.

4.Not reading labels of foods you buy.

This is especially from supermarkets.If you want to buy something when you are aiming at loosing weight,read the labels to see which ingredients and minerals it has.

5.Eating processed sugary foods.

You might be not taking sugar in tea but still drink fruit juices,sodas and bubblegums.Cease any sugary staff.

6.Eating less proteins.

Proteins reduce appetite,makes you full faster,increases metabolic rate and decreases calorie intake.This helps in weight loss eat a lot of proteins.

7.Not eating whole foods.

Normalize eating unprocessed whole grains like wheat.

8.Too much or no exercise.

Excersing too much will increase stress in you and not exercising will reduce your metabolic rate hence you won't lose weight.

9.Eating when you are not supposed to.

Just eat when you feel hungry only.

10.Not doing weight lifting exercises.

You might be going to the gym but you don't do weight lifts.This exercise is the best to reduce fat and boost metabolic rate in the body.

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