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A Herb That You Should Feed Your Chicken To Prevent Coccidiosis.

Chicken rearing is worthy of you feed your chicken the quality feeds full of Nutrients. Chicken can be attacked by many diseases that can affect their growth,there production and even there healthy in general. If you feed your chicken with high Nutrious feeds then you will have a healthy chicken.

Chicken needs to be fed herbs since they are medicinal and full of Nutrients and minerals which can help them fight diseases by increasing their immunity levels. The herbs will also help them fight infections and viruses that tries to attack them.

There are also of medicinal herbs that you can feed your chicken to be healthy but in this article am going to share about one herb called plantain weed which is normally found as a weed in between the plantain farm. This herb has alot Nutrients and minerals and also antioxidants that help to fight diseases in the chicken.

If you feed your chicken with this herb then it will provide them with the following benefits.

* The herb leaves are good for the chicken since its rich in calcium which is good for bone healthy. Its also rich in vitamin C and A that helps to improve the immune system in the chicken.

*It has anti inflammatory properties that help to fight the viruses that can cause Coccidiosis in chicken since this disease is caused by the virus. Take the plantain weed leaves give them to your chicken to feed on them so that they can provide with them the anti coccidial properties that help to prevent them with Coccidiosis.

*This plant is green leafy vegetables like any other vegetables feeding your chicken will help them improve their immunity and fight infections that may cause diseases in chicken. The minerals in the herb are very important to the chicken.

Do not throw away the plantain weed instead feed them to your chicken. Thank you and follow for more.

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