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Top HIV Activist Doreen, Reveals The Reason She Failed To Secure A Job At Arab Emirates As A Hostess

Doreen Muracha is one of the top Upcoming HIV Activist in Kenya. Doreen loves to fight for rights of people suffering from HIV. Doreen has come out as an activist in order to fight off HIV related Stigma. Doreen is one of the people who has come to accept her HIV status and she does not allow anyone to pin her down. In fact Doreen loves to call HIV a tiny Virus which has never defined her. Doreen is so passionate about life. Doreen was born with HIV and she has lived with HIV do twenty nine good years. Doreen Reveals the secret of being healthy is keeping your virus levels undetectable which she does that by adhering to her drug medication.

Doreen has decided to be hilarious today after she Revealed that she had earlier applied for a job in Arab Emirates as an air hostess for an aeroplane. Doreen Revealed that she never secured the job. Doreen joked about the matter and has said maybe it is because of this photo that she put It as her cover page. See Doreen's post belowSee fans reactions below.

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