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Why You Are Probably Experiencing Heartburn and Gas After Using Diclofenac or Brufen for Pain

Research shows that diclofenac and brufen are the most commonly used medicines in Kenya for managing pain. Although these two widely used pain killers were first introduced in Kenya as "prescription only" medicines, they have since become easily available over-the-counter for managing different types of pain.

Perhaps the ease of availability and very low cost make diclofenac and brufen a popular choice for pain management. If you happen to visit any chemist, I am sure you will easily buy diclofenac and brufen at just Ksh 5 per tablet, meaning a dose is just around Ksh 50 bob.

However, if you have been persistently using diclofenac or brufen for pain, you must have realized that you sometimes experience heartburn and gas. You feel a burning sensation in your stomach, especially towards your chest, and all of a sudden your stomach becomes full.

According to available research, diclofenac and brufen belong a class of pain killers called NSAIDS. Apparently, this class of pain killers works by stopping the production of agents that cause pain in the body. These agents are called prostaglandins. Although some of these prostaglandins cause pain when stimulated in the body (e.g when you fall, injure your finger, or cut your finger), there are other prostaglandins that protect your stomach from attack by the acid inside your stomach.

Scientists explain that when you take pain killers like diclofenac or brufen, these medicines destroy the good prostaglandins that protect your stomach from acid attack. That is why when you consistently use NSAIDS to manage pain, for example people who have arthritis, migraine, sustained long period pains, and any other chronic pain, you are likely to suffer from heartburn and gas.

Though pharmacists recommend a shorter course of pain killers like diclofenac or brufen for 3 days, if your pain persists, you are usually advised to go back and be given a safer pain killer, especially if you have previously suffered from ulcers.

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