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Reasons for late periods in women

The normal cycle of the periods in a woman goes for 28 days. But due to some different conditions and different environment this cycle tend to vary among the women. Some women have regular periods and others have irregular, and this is the main reason why the cycle vary among the women. Not all women their cycle will go upto 28 days, some may be 25, 26 and 27 days.

The main reasons why women experience late periods are: The birth cantrol complications, too much stress, obesity, Low body weight, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Thyroid tissue, early menopouse and some cronic diseases. These problems may make some women to receive periods at the last date which they never expected. You should not worry if you have regular period and happens that you did not receive the periods at the usually date.

Note that the delay of these periods may be 3-4 days, but to some women they may end up not getting period until the next month. If it goes for more than one month go and see your doctor for check up. Also when your periods are near and then start using medicine due to other body complications, it may also delay your periods. To those women having irregular periods, there case may be different due to irregular dates of there periods. Women should know their periods whether are irregular or regular.

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