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Weight Lose

Reduce Weight In 4 Simple Steps.

1. Reduce foods with a lot of sugar. A lot of research has shown that intake of sugary foods increase weight. Chances are that you will develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Taking drinks with a lot of sugar will increase your obesity due to intake of a lot of calories. Sugary foods are the worst. You can reduce up to 40 pounds of weight if you avoid sugary foods. This will take a span of three months. Drink water in plenty. If there is need to add flavor, add lemon juice. It will work wonders.

2. Control portion of food. A mistake can be the size of the plate you serve your food. A bigger plate will tempt you to fill the plate with food. This means that you are going to take a lot of calories depending on the type of food you will serve yourself. You need to tame your urge to fill a big plate. Eat more vegetables because they contain few calories and more vitamins.

3. Take More Plant Proteins Than Carbohydrates. Most carbohydrates contain calories. When we take more carbohydrates, a lot of sugar is absorbed into the blood in the form of glucose. The body has its way of maintaining a balance. The excess glucose is converted to glycogen and fats which are stored in the tummy tissues. Proteins are not stored in the body. Excess amino acids are removed in urine. Hence, taking more proteins than carbohydrates will highly help reduce the tummy.

4. Take Fruits Which Burn Fats. One of the fruits which burn fats are lemons. Taking a cup of lemon juice every day can give you wonderful results. However, you should not sweeten it with sugar. That will increase calories intake. Cut a lemon fruit and squeeze its juice into a glass of warm water. Take the cup of water. Do it every day. You will be impressed with the results.

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