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Stomach Ulcers Are no Joke They Can Kill You, Stop Eating Too Much of These Foods

Stomach ulcers are usually open sores on the stomach lining, some foods are usually associated with aggravating ulcers, and not only foods but also some drugs like taking pain-relieving drugs for a very long time. The following are foods to avoid eating excessively if you have ulcers:

Fatty foods

Fatty foods usually take long to digest which usually leads to more pain and bloating, it is recommended to take a break away from them if you have ulcers.

Spicy food

For some reason, spicy foods are usually known to aggravate ulcer pain or making the symptoms worse, if you experience more pain it would be best to avoid them.

Acidic foods

This can be like tomatoes or citrus fruits, people are different, and to some people, they might not be affected at all but if it is the opposite in your case, do not eat them.


Most doctors commonly advise people with ulcers to avoid too much intake of coffee, but that does not mean you cannot take it, it's mostly avoided by people who have severe ulcer symptoms.

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