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I Couldn't Help But Think of Death:-Woman Who Survived 8 Brain Surgeries Narrates Her Ordeal

Kenyatta National Hospital: image credit| COURTESY.

A Kenyan woman named Muthoni Gitari has narrated her breathtaking experience of surviving a total of eight brain surgeries. Addressing a curious audience at the auditorium of the popular Engage Talk, the courageous and lucky woman explained how her childhood had been characterized by brain ailments.

At the age of 12, Ms Gitari underwent her first brain surgery. You will agree with me that majority of 12 year old kids have experienced very little or no hardships. Happiness, bliss and parental comfort is usually the typical experience of teenage girls and boys. Most girls of this age have began puberty and are therefore experiencing physical and emotional changes that comes with it. 12 year old Gitari developed a condition whereby the brain fluid in the brain cavity gets stuck and without a mechanism to drain it, serious complications may result. If not drained, the brain fluid would be absorbed into the body and it would causes damage through unhealthy pressure build up.

Ms Gitari further explains that she not only underwent physical pain but also mental and psychological trauma, especially when a kid who always slept by her bedside passed away. "I couldn't help but think of death," she narrated.

Brain surgery is one of the most complicated medical procedures ever devised by surgeons. It involves making delicate incisions into the organ that house the brain our most valuable thinking machine. Diseases of the brain have continued to develope and advance with time. Ailments such as tumors are just but a few of them. Medical science continues to develope more sophisticated technologies that are expected to simplify brain surgical procedures. Emerging technologies such as robotic surgery also continue to be of good help to doctors and scientists.

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