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Why You Should See the Doctor Immediately If You Have Patches With White/Red Spot In Your Mouth

Leukoplakia is a condition in which thick, white or grayish patches form inside your mouth, either on your gums, inside your cheeks, under or on your tongue, and on your lips. They take several weeks to develop and they’re rarely painful.

These patches can vary in appearance. Aside from being grayish/white it can also have the features such as hairy/fuzzy, red spot, and thick, hard, raised surface. These condition can be linked to oral cancer and must be treated promptly.

Even though this condition doesn’t cause discomfort, sometimes it can be an indication of serious condition. See the doctor if you notice the following.

-  White plague or sore inside your mouth that doesn’t heal on their own within two weeks.

- Persistent change in the tissues in your mouth.

- White, red patches, lump inside your mouth.

- When you swallow food you feel ear pain.

- As time goes you can’t open your jaw.

Hairly leukoplakia result from infection with the Epstein-Barr virus. Once you’re infected with EBV the virus stays in your body. This lead to white/red patches on your mouth and it may be one of the sign of HIV/AIDS infection.

The causes of leukoplakia is smoking tobacco, dentures, inflammation condition, long use of alcohol, injury inside your cheeks, Hiv/Aids, and rough, uneven teeth.

The only way to prevent these white patches from appearing is through changing your lifestyle. From stopping chewing/smoking tobacco, reduce alcohol intake, and eat antioxidant rich food.

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Leukoplakia Red Spot


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