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Reknowned City Doctor Warns Ladies Against Use of Tissues Paper After Short Call, Gives Alternative

A controversial city doctor cum gynaecologist, Dr Ignatious Kibe, has set internet ablaze following his remarks about use of tissue papers on ladies hygiene especially on their 'lady part'.

The outspoken doctor,who is known for giving controversial health and wellness advices,beseeched the ladies to shun using toilet papers popularly known as tissues citing health reasons.

Speaking during the morning show at Mediamax's Kameme TV,the vocal doctor said that use of toilet papers by ladies especially after going for a short call,poses risks to their anatomy.

Although many are unaware of this,the health and wellness doctor revealed that most toiletries could be laced with chemicals from the manufacturers harmful healthwise,and thus asked ladies to be careful.

"I am pleading with our women and girls to stop using tissues or toilet papers every time they visit lavatories for a short call.One thing is, you don't know chemicals or what exactly is used to manufacture them.You might be courting health problems every time you use them, maybe you transfer bacteria to your lady part which is very dangerous,even our grandmothers never used them," he said.

His remarks have sparked wild reactions online.On Kameme TV Facebook post,the comment sections has been bulging,with fans and a section of kenyans syreamed in to express skepticism and criticism.

Inadvertently,it has sparked a debate,as hundreds of social media users jumped in to give their opinion-which were deeply divided.

As some agreed with the controvercial doctor and terming his advice as "factual and precise" others appeared to dismiss them.

" On point Daktari," one online user wrote.

"What's the alternative?" another one countered.

Dr Kibe,however,recommended that the ladies ought to use a clean cotton clothe- made of a material similar to baby's napkin-which can be cleaned everyday as a subtitute to toilet papers. 

"Instead ladies should use clean soft clothe that they can wash everyday.Not nylon, should be cotton,to be precise, any material similar to baby's nappies ( not diapers) would be ideal," he concluded.

Here are some of the reactions,

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