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Why You Should Never Eat These 7 Types Of Food Especially When Your Stomach Is Empty

1. Any drink that is carbonated is not safe

Especially on an empty stomach, it is not right and safe to take any carbonated drink when your stomach is empty. This may cause bloating of the stomach which may lead to serious health complications that may even cause cancer of the oesophagus. Anytime you take any carbonated drink ensure it is accompanied with another meal or only take when you've had a meal.

2.Tomatoes and all it's refined products

Tomato as a fruit is very essential when it comes to providing the body with the necessary vitamins to fight infections. Tomato however contains some acid which is not good when it comes to contact with the stomach walls.

The only way the acid will get in contact with the stomach walls and other intestinal walls is when the stomach is empty. And the more constant this becomes, one is likely to get ulcers and other stomach infections. The acid contained in the stomach is called Tannic acid.

3. Any spices

We love spices and the fact that spices make food even sweeter. Some of the known spices include pepper, ginger, chilli and others. Some have the tendency of eating this spices in their raw form which is not bad but only becomes bad when it is eaten on an empty stomach. This Spices on an empty stomach may trigger stomach complications and so one has to be extra careful.

4. Sweets and other sugary stuff

As sugary as sweets are, sugar in itself which is the main component of sweets is not safe on an empty stomach. When sugar comes to contact with an empty stomach, it interferes with the sugar level. This causes it difficult for the body to maintain a normal sugar level. Avoid sweets and other sugary foods on an empty stomach. The only sugary thing that the body requires is natural sugar from things like cane but not refined sugar.

5. Yoghurt

Medical experts advice that a food like this should be taken a few hours after you've eaten food. Yorghut on an empty stomach interferes with the acidity of the stomach and thus making it not safe when you're extremely hungry.

6. Pears

As healthy as this particular fruit is, there is a caution when it comes to eating it. Pears contains Fibre which is not good on an empty stomach. The Fibre on an empty stomach tends to interfere with the stomach membrane.

7. Citric fruits

Citric fruits include fruits like lemon and oranges. This particular type of fruit is not safe on an empty stomach because it may cause serious heartburn and also one risks getting gastritis.

Always remember to make your health your priority because we all know prevention is better than any type of cure. Don't hesitate to share this information with others.

Content created and supplied by: HarryJuma (via Opera News )

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