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If you are experiencing these signs as a lady, see a doctor immediately

Ladies are easily prone to contact infections on their private parts very easily. These infections are caused by yeast,fungi, bacterias and could be even a virus. The earlier a lady knows her symptoms the better, in order to get treatment immediately. These infections when ignored could develop in to much worse stages which could be irreversible. Some infections are acute and mild which disappear in a week time but other persist or keep recurring.

Below are signs that should signal a lady to see a doctor.

Major Signs that a lady has an Infection down there

1) Pain on the lower abdomen which might be mild or severe.

2) A strong four odour from the private area.

3) Redness around the vulva folds, outside the vagina.

4) Feeling pain during sex.

5) Unusual vaginal bleeding not related to menstruation.

6) Discharge that is thick, smelly or has changed in color.

7) Feeling pain while urinating.

8) Itching and rashes on the vagina.

9) Irritation and soreness on the private area.

If you are experiencing the above or a combination of them kindly consult a doctor for further treatment.

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