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Beware And Rush To The Hospital After Seeing These Signs Of HIV/Aids

The HIV/Aids (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) is an incurable disease and most be stopped as it's spread has led to the death of millions.

Firstly it should be noted that this virus is highly communicable; meaning it might be sent from a positive patient to another through various mediums which includes;

1)Having unprotected intimate intercourse with an HIV positive.

2)Through surgical/medical procedures and operating with the unscreened blood of an already positive patient. 

3)Through breastmilk from a sullied mother to her an infant during the time spent breastfeeding.

4)Through injuries from sharp objects which must have injured a positive patient and by so doing the virus is transferred to a another host.

Meanwhile, here are the signs of the virus at its early stage.

1)Odd and high fever. 

2)Severe joint, muscle and bone pains.

3)Abnormal, irritating skin rashes and pus filled boils.

4)Severe and hard head aches which continues for over about a month or two. 

5)Development of tonsils and quick unexplainable weight decrease in a short period of time. 

6)Swollen gums and unexplainable mouth bleeding.

After signing any of these signs, do well to visit the hospital for a quick test. Do well to share, follow, like and leave your comments.

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