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WHO Finally Reveal the Main Causes of the Rampant Rise of Covid Cases in India

Over 200000 people have lost their lives in India since the pandemic started and health officials say, the numbers could be higher than this.

In the last one week, India has also faced a tough crisis of this pandemic that saw over 330000 people being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a virus that causes Covid-19. These are the highest figure that India has experienced than any other country in the world.

While the country is still in the middle of the crisis, the World Health Organization (WHO) say that the rapid upsurge of cases in this country is as a result of population growth in India, low vaccination rates and also the new variant of this virus that has emerged in India.

The home to around 1.4 billion people had also experienced a shortage in oxygen and ICU beds. Photos and videos that have been going viral over the last few days show people parading in the streets awaiting to receive treatments. While others could be seen waiting for their oxygen cylinders to be refilled.

Other sources that have revealed the situation in India, say that trains have been turned into healthcare facilities as hospitals have been filled up. Other patients are being turned away without treatment.

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