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Fruits And Vegetables That Help Prevent You From Getting Blood Clots

Blood clots is dangerous to our body and it can cause serious problems if not treated. Blood clots occur when plaque is deposited in the articles thus blood flow to every part of the body is restricted and not enough. Luckily there are some fruits that can help you overcome blood clots.

Kiwi Fruit.

This fruit is not common but when eaten it can help prevent too much plaque in the blood. Consuming 2 fruits a day can help reduce your cholesterol level leaving you healthy. You can also alternate with grapes and strawberries.


Cinnamon has coumarin compounds that help to reduce the plaque thus prevents it from accumulating. Take it in small amount daily may be in tea or added to food. Too much of this might cause liver problems.


It helps to prevent the accumulation of deposits in the arteries. Chew one glove daily in the morning in an empty stomach to achieve the results. It helps to relax the muscles of the arteries and it lowers pressure.


Onions are also good to use since it has a compound called rutin which acts as an anticoagulant thus reducing the dangers. You can eat raw onions or cook with onions daily

Olive oil.

Olive oil is a good oil to use infact you need to switch to this oil. It has good fats that help reduce the cholesterol level thus giving you a healthy cardiovascular. It improves the supply of blood by reducing the clumps.

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

This foods are like fish. Consuming it 2 times a week can even help reduce the chances of stroke. Also it improves the blood flow by reducing the thickening of the vessels. Sun flower is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that is if you don't take fish.

Eat nuts and whole grains foods.

Eating nuts and whole grain foods rich in vitamin E can help reduce the plaque that may lead to blood clots.

Always consider eating healthy. Thank you and follow for more information.

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Cinnamon Kiwi Fruit


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