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Four Common Deadly Chicken Diseases and Their Remedies in Kenya

A lot of Kenyans have ventured into the business world of breeding chicken for either meat or eggs and they are yielding very high returns.

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Starting with about 200 chicken that lay eggs can give you a significant amount of money that would see one living comfortably given the fact that jobs are hard to come by nowadays.

However, some people venture into this field without knowing the types of diseases that would affect your chicken and in some instances, wipe them all out.

Below are some of the most common diseases in chicken that you can expect:

Mycoplasma gallisepticum

In this disease in chicken that is quite rare, chickens will develop swollen eyelids that will go away after a few days.

The chicken will be completely incapable of seeing and this usually is in one eye but you will also notice a discharge in their noses.

It's advisable to squeeze the eyes a bit and apply parafin it is available and the disease will go away after a while.

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Fowl Pox

This one is characterized by the presence of black mumps on the face of the chicken in featherless regions.

The mumps do not go away and in most cases, the chicken do not feed at all due to the pain they feel.

It is life threatening and when you see this, apply an eye wound powder (found in your local poultry shop) in the affected region.

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Newcastle Disease

The most common symptoms of this deadly disease are gasping for air, coughing, nasal discharge, watery eyes, loss of appetite among others.

The remedy for this is disease is not yet known since it's a viral infection but through the use of antibiotics, you can mitigate the spread.

Ensure that you vaccinate your chicken against this one.

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In this one, chicks can die suddenly so the symptoms that you should be on the lookout for are pale beaks, ruffled feathers, look droopy and the droppings are bloody.

Sugarcane, tumeric, green tea and some species of aloe vera can help treat this disease in chicken.

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So, these four are the most common types of chicken diseases that we have in the country. Please feel free to add more and their remedies in the comments section below.

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