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How to Improve Mental Wellness

Let's change our habit within a short period of time by only becoming adaptive to these simple techniques.

Inspired from the song Redemption by Bob Marley.

× Start to unfollow negative social media accounts.

Follow the ones that brings you Joy, that are educational. Always talk about real problems that have to be talked about.

× Practice Mindfulness.

Pull yourself back to the present. Decide on things depending on your satisfaction by giving yourself a freedom to perceive changes.

× Write atleast 3 things you've appreciated from the day before bed.

Every time before going to sleep, try to think on how you've spend your day. Was it good? Bad? Decide by taking note to the solutions to the your problems. When doing this regularly, it will make you active and productive.

× Feel free to express your mind.

Say things that are disturbing, what makes you depressed! Learn to socialize your problems to the one who listen because Some will and some will give an advice as well you'll have ideas.

× Call someone you Love that you haven't talked in a while.

A partner? A friend? Call them. Heard from them for a long time. Tell them how you're doing and if they might help or pay a visit to your place.

" Free yourself from mental slavery, it's you who can save yourself" - Bob Marley

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