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Why You Should Eat Thorn Melons 'Kiwano' Every day. Read This

It's commonly know as thorn melon but it's called Kiwano formally known as Cucumis Metuliferus. It's a thick fruit which is bright orange when ripe covered with spiny projections. Most people don't like the fruit because of it's taste which makes it special. Kiwano has it's nutritious benefits which include:

1. Kiwano melon has a variety of vitamins and minerals which impact the health positively which include, vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B etc. It also have low levels of carolies.

2. It provides antioxidants. The main antioxidants in Kiwano melon include: Vitamin C , Vitamin A, Zinc and Lutein. These nutrients play a part in reducing inflammation and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and some type of cancers.

3. Promotes red blood cells production.

Kiwano melon have a lot of iron supplements which a basic need for blood production.

4. Promotes Blood Sugar Control

Kiwano melon is low- glycemic and contains nutrients necessary for proper sugar and insulin metabolism.

5. Supports proper hydration especially on a hot day.

6. It has zinc and magnesium minerals which plays part in the mental health and healthy brain functions. Therefore it may improve the mood.

7. Other healthy benefits include;

- Supports bone health.

- Encourages healthy skin.

- Promotes heart health

- Strengths immunity

Kawino has all the healthy benefits and for more all the reasons to eat it.

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