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Side Effects of ARVs

Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) were drugs that were brought to help those people living with HIV & AIDS. These drugs neither prevent nor treat the virus. They protect the body by keeping it active so that the body can produce more antibodies to fight the disease. These drugs, however helpful they may be, have even worsened things. The same drugs have caused death in most HIV patients but not directly.

1. These drugs do not prevent the disease. They cannot also treat the disease. What is their function? They only stimulate the body to produce more antibodies to fight the disease. In other words, they make the body stronger. Having a good diet can make your body even stronger. I would prefer to have a good diet instead of injecting these strange things into your body. People mistakenly believe that the drug treats or prevents the disease.

2. Today, there are over forty antiretroviral drugs that are approved. Most people living with HIV take two or more of these drugs every day for a lifetime. These drugs must also be taken at the right time and the right way for them to work properly. Sticking to the treatment plan is not always easy. Lack of adherence has always been the cause of death of many HIV patients.

3. Antiretroviral drugs may also cause side effects that can be severe enough to make some people stop taking them. These side effects can even at times add complications to your body. The side effects can sometimes include; hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, bleeding, bone loss, heart disease, high blood sugar and diabetes or kidney, liver and pancreas damage. Some side effects can kill. Some people after experiencing such side effects will stop taking the drugs. Once one who has been taking the drugs stops taking them or takes them but inconsistently, the virus may become resistant to the drugs. If that happens, the drugs will cease to function leaving the patient with few options.

Am not saying that ARVs are bad. In fact, it is the simplest way of controlling the virus. However, it requires consistency. You should learn how to manage the side effects of these drugs and also stick to the treatment plan. By doing this you will be safer. It is worth noting that, there are other several alternatives on how to live with HIV & AIDS. One of them is maintaining a proper diet that will make your immunity strong enough to fight the disease. I advise you to try these alternatives.

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