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Alarm And Fear After This is Reported in Countries That Have Vaccinated The Most For Corona

Worrying reports by a group of researchers from The United States of America, New Zealand, most of Europe and Australia have been on the headlines after they indicated that Sperm count for men in the said countries has fallen sharply, a report which has since caused alarm. It was reported that these countries administered the highest number of covid-19 vaccine dosses, and scientists suspect it could have a linkage.

However, although the reduction on sperm count among the men has not been directly linked with the vaccines, scientists fear that it is taking the highest percentage index. This is coming amid reports from India that the Corona vaccine is causing 'impotence' in men.

Scientists are still researching to establish the exact cause of the reduction in sperm count among men in the highly developed countries that also reported issues of blood clotting among a number of people who took the covid-19 jab. Scientists however said the blood clotting was among a very small and insignificant number of people.

People have been advised to wait for more information and be patient as scientists try to unravel the whole truth.

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