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Reason A Woman Feels Pain When Urinating

If you experience pain while urinating, this can be a sign of bacterial infestation. However, as a women you should focus on things that could possibly cause painful urination, and once you find the condition responsible for the pain, you should quickly find a gynecologist to treat the condition as soon as possible. Below is the condition that can cause painful urination in women.

Urinary Track Infection (UTI).

Urinary Track Infection can infect anyone, and it mostly happens when bacteria makes their way into the Urethra and the bladder. Once they are in the bladder, the bacteria multiply, thus making the Urine acidic in which results in a burning sensation when urinating.

On the other hand, Urinary Track Infection can as well cause additional symptoms such as, frequent urge to Urinate, cloudy Urine, and a particularly foul smelling urine. A medical treatment is advised with immediate effect once such symptoms show up. 

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