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Here Is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 2-3 Eggs per Day

When it comes to nutritional properties, eggs are packed with various compounds that keep the body as fit as a fiddle. While questions have been repeatedly raised on the recommended number of eggs one should have per day, eating at least 2- 3 eggs has proven to be essential to the body.

This is what happens when you start consuming them;

Deescalate risks of cardiovascular diseases

Various studies have alleged that the cholesterol present in eggs are said to be innocuous due to their phopshatides, which means they can simply aid in lowering risks of any heart related complication. Besides, reports have further established that eggs are highly packed with Omega-3- acids which quell triglycerides levels hence attenuating risks of heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, strokes and such.

Aid in weight loss

American scientists discovered that eating a low-calorie diet alongside eggs in the morning can help burn excess fat or lose weight. Reason being, the combo makes you satisfied and stay for long without being hungry.

Lower risk of cancer.

Consuming foods rich in carcinogenic compounds is believed to be among the leading cause of cancer. A poor lifestyle can really cost you in that it may affect your body in one way or another and make you suffer from deadly diseases like cancer. One way to lower risks of falling victim to cancer is by adding eggs in your diet.

Reports have it that the choline compound, besides nourishing the brain, has been found to be important when it comes to lowering risk of breast cancer in women who religiously consumed three eggs per day during their adolescent stage.

Boost skin’ s health

Vitamin B complex endowed in eggs masks the skin against eczema, rashes and other related complications. If you need that impeccable skin, be sure of incorporating eggs to your diets for betterment

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