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You Can Stay For Over 58 Years With HIV if You Adhere to ARVs Properly

The first question which lingers in anyone's mind whenever diagnosed with HIV is, " How long shall I live?" Many people's think their dreams have come to a halt. However this is due to lack of enlightenment and the shock of discovering that one is infected with HIV. This shock can last for days or months depending on each individual.

However there is hope in Anti-retroviral Drugs. Through the scientific research in the medical field, doctors now realize that a person can live a near normal lifespan if he adheres strictly to medication. When HIV was discovered, people had hope of living for only five to seven years. However, some beat the odds by living for over ten years, the lifespan was low. HIV was a dead sentence in the 1980's. However, it is not the same this days.

After looking at a post on Facebook of a person asking people to confess how long they have lived with the virus, a large number confessed they are way far beyond twenty years living with HIV. One guy confessed that he has survived for 39 years with the tiny virus and he is still strong and healthy. Isn't it amazing? This keeps the hopes of those infected and those affected alive.

Scientists now say that averagely, the lifespan of a person under medication, living with HIV is about 58 years. With the discovery of ARVs, people can now live a near normal life and fulfill their dreams. HIV is nolonger a death sentence. The medication can suppress the virus to the point it cannot be detected in the blood.

People living with HIV can marry, bear healthy children and support them until they are able to depend on themselves. With medical expertise, people living with HIV can have children who are healthy and normal. Children born with HIV can now live with the virus for a long time. One lady confessed that he was born with the virus and has lived with it for over thirty years. She said that her dream was to marry a guy who is of the same status and have two children.

In the science field, it is said from online sources that a cure for HIV is in the process of being tested to ascertain it's efficiency. If it's true, and the results give us hope of a cure, millions of people worldwide will be relieved of HIV.

HIV cannot progress to AIDs if medication is adhered to. However people who die after prolonged medication happens due to liver failure. The liver develops complications after continuous removal of the toxins due to medication leading to liver failure. People who take a lot of alcohol are especially at a high risk.

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