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What Are Blueberries? What You Should Know About Them And How They Affect Your Health

Most people tend to confuse blueberries with grapes which are totally different. Here are the healthy benefits of blueberries;

1. Regulates blood pressure. Blueberries lowers the sugar level leading to controlled blood pressure.

2. Deals with constipation. Blueberries have a source of fibre and other vitamins.

3. Sharpens memory . Blueberries stimulates the neurons thus helps the brain to function better.

4. Gives a better vision. Blueberries have anthocyano sides which helps to preserve vision and improve it.

5. Helps to reduce infections especially urinary tract infections.

6. Deals with heart problems. Considering blueberries have antioxidants it therefore reduces the bad cholesterol in the heart.

7. It prevents cancer. Blueberries have Ellagic Acid and Pterostibene which are components to prevent cancer thus keeps you on the safe side.

8. Helps in weight reduction

Blueberries are low in calories and are also filling in nature.

9. Controls mood fluctuations and stress. Depression and stress has been one of things caused by imbalanced hormones. Thus blueberries balances hormones thus reduces mood and stress.

Blueberries have a lot of many benefits from the body, to the skin and to the hair therefore for all the reasons to include them in your diet on daily basis.

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