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Psychological facts about Dreams

We all dream every night,whether dreams are remembered or not. Many Americans are chronically sleep derived. It's important to have an understanding of ideal sleep and how our sleeping patterns may impact general health and wellness.

We dream most vividly during Rapid Eye movement sleep, however REM is not the only stage in which dreams occur that's a common myth about sleep. That said dream you experience in REM sleep are usually vivid than non-REM sleep dream.

We are specially wired not to act out our dreams, many dreams are bizz are because part of our brain shuts down. Most dreams relate to recent awake experiences.

We can learn to control our dreams, those who most adept at lucid dreaming are able to control the action and content of their dream to varying degree.

Strange is normal. Many of our dreams are strange because the part of the brain responsible for making sense of things shut down during dreaming.

Our days inform our dreams, most of our dreams are linked to thoughts or events from previous day or two.

Low stress means happy dreams, a few dreams express happier feelings, sometimes intensely so, with as much emotional clarity and vividness as any nightmare.

Dream interpretation is not a science, where science meets fiction. Much what you probably heard about dream analysis work.

Men and women dream differently, women tend to have slightly longer dreams with more characters. Men dream other men twice often as they do about women;women tend to dream about both sexes equally.

Negative dreams are more common, the theory is that we dream bad dreams because we're still trying to process and to find solution to what challenged us through the day. This follows the popular hypothesis that dreams in general are a way for a dream to keep looking at our experience and make more sense of it.

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