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'Shock as Many Kenyans Recieve Fake Covid-19, Johnson And Johnson Jab For a Fee

Since the outbreak of the deadly corona virus in the country last year in March, a huge number of kenyans have tested positive to the deadly coronavirus.

A huge number have also lost their lives to the virus related complications.

In figures over 240 thousand kenyans have been infected with the deadly coronavirus, another 4000+ kenyans have died due to these virus.

The government has however been working round the clock to ensure that all kenyans get vaccinated.

Many have been recieving the famous Uk manufactured Jab Astra-zeneca.

Modena has also been ferried into the country with kenyans also recieving it in huge numbers.

Barely a week ago the famous Johnson and Johnson vaccine arrived in the country and many preferred it since it was a single jab.

However, it has emerged that some lame kenyans have been paying to receive a jab they were duped that it was Johnson and Johnson.

In an article by the People daily it has emerged that some ignorant kenyans have been paying 3500 for a fake jab.

Kenyans have been cautioned by the ministry of health not to pay for any jab and also get if from accredited stations.

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