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What Happens When You Take Multivitamins Daily

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Research shows that 70 percent of people in the world take multivitamins and other supplements daily. You can be forgiven for thinking that something that is used by so many individuals can be good. No. There are not so many benefits of taking the supplements. According to a recent Johns Hopkins study, multivitamins increase the risks of cancer, cardiovascular conditions, cognitive decline and premature death. 

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The study also found that beta-carotene and vitamin E supplements can be harmful if used in high doses. Per the study, it seems that taking a multivitamin should not be part of daily health routine. World Health Organization (WHO) advises that a healthy individual should not take multivitamins unless they have dietary issues, a health condition that is bringing problems and food allergies. 

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Multivitamins can be suitable but experts advise that people should focus on whole foods as it is not healthy to depend on one kind of supplement at a time. Opting to go for multivitamins can be dangerous to your health. It is best to get the vitamins naturally from vegetables and fruits. 

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You should not depend mostly on multivitamins because you may not even get the adequate nutrients you lack, it may trigger dangerous reactions with the drugs you are taking, they may worsen the underlying health conditions and can mislead you to avoiding important groups of food after taking the multivitamins. Do not just get to a drugs store and buy these supplements if it is not a recommendation from a doctor. 

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