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These Particular Foods Naturally Kill Intestinal Worms

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You can eliminate intestinal by taking anti-worming medications but you can also get rid of them naturally by eating these particular foods:-

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have curcurbitin; a substance which possesses anti-parasitic characteristics that paralyse intestinal worms.

Cayenne Pepper

It possesses antifungal qualities and the power to eradicate several types of fungi, mould and parasites. Additionally, it stimulates blood flow and nourishes the skin.


Turmeric has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. Turmeric is also a strong blood cleanser and is powerful against germs and parasites.


Ginger is excellent for increasing stomach acid production; which indirectly assists in the process of parasite removal and shields the gut from any kind of internal harm.


Cloves are effective in eliminating parasite eggs and larvae. They have eugenol; which is the most potent poison that is very effective in eliminating microorganisms.


Due to its inherent antibacterial capabilities, it works in eliminating intestinal microbes. It is particularly effective in thymus gland stimulation and boosting the body's defence mechanism.

Papaya Seeds

According to research, papaya seeds are extremely efficient in eliminating parasitic worms such as tapeworms.


Garlic is effective in eliminating germs and parasites. Garlic detoxifies the body regularly and guards against oxidation caused by parasite poisons in addition to killing disease-causing amoebas due to the presence of allicin.

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Cayenne Pepper Pumpkin Seeds


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