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Ladies, Here Are 5 Ways To Protect Your Female Organ Against Infections

Your female organ as a lady is playing a vital role role in your body and therefore you need to pay full attention to it as it is easier for it to develop infections.

There are very many ways you can get infections as a lady apart from intercourse. One of which is lack of proper hygiene. When you have a good genital hygiene you protect yourself Against Infections.

Today's I have 5 Ways that ladies can protect their female organs against infections; take note.

1) You Should ensure that your underwear, tights, jeans or even skirts aren't too snug. To avoid the body from boosting the temperature around the female organ to reduce chances for infections.

2) You Should always change your underwear regularly

3) You Should wear a breathable underwear which doesn't hold onto moisture or heat and will keep you dry.Cotton underwear is your best.

4) You Should change your sanitary pads regularly during your periods and don not use the same sanitary pads the whole day during this time.

5) You Should Avoid douches as Douching to clean yourself down when you are on your period is not healthy and can cause infections to your female organ and even increase the risk of STDs.

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