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6 Major Signs That You May Be Secretly Developing Cervical Cancer.

Cancer of the cervix is that which occurs in the cells of lower part of the uterus that connects to the birth canal.

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It is caused by a sexually transmitted infection known as human papillomavirus abbreviated as (hpv).

When this virus enters the body the immune system prevents it from harming the body but still survives in the body for years making some cells in the cervix to be cancerous.

The symptoms of this cancer does not show untill the cancerous cells becomes large and grows in to the nearby tissues.

Although the death rate of women as a result of this disease has really dropped it is still considered a killer disease. Women should be regularly screened or given a vaccine as it helps in reducing the risk of infection.

Just like other types of cancers, cervical cancer is curable if diagnosed early hence women should familiarize with their bodies so as to detect any abnormal sign.

The Six major signs that a woman may be developing cervical cancer includes:

1.Blood in urine. Presence of blood droplets in the urine shouldn't be ignored as it is a warning sign of cancer of the cervix.

2.vaginal itching. Vaginal itching or burning sensation especially after an intercourse is mostly overlooked by women. There are other sexually transmitted infections that manifests in similar sign hence the need to get a test so as to be on the safe side.

3.painful intercourse. If a woman finds sexual intimacy being abnormally painful it is advisable to seek medical attention.

4.Abnormal vaginal discharge. A woman experiences discharge from the vagina that may be unusual in colour and smell.For instance bloody and foul smelling discharge.

5.Un usual viginal bleeding. This includes bleeding after a woman has arrived the menopause stage, after sexual contact, heavier than usual menstrual flow, spotting between period among other abnormalities.

6.Frequent urination. If a woman experiences frequent urge to pee even on a hot weather or without pregnancy medical advice is necessary.

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