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When Unwell Go to the Hospital

Most people when they feel unwell they assume. When the condition becomes persistent they walk to a nearby chemist.

They obtain drugs without the proper diagnosis.

From there they assume they have saved the situation.

Perhaps they just got some pain relievers or wrong prescription.

    The condition continues to worsen as the individual takes the wrong medicine.

In most instances, when the situation worsens the person goes back and acquires another kind of drugs based on the signs and symptoms at hand.

This is very risky because they are most likely to be treating the wrong disease.

    There are diseases that have almost similar signs and symptoms. For example typhoid and malaria. Both of them the patient feels headache and fatigue. Most people treat the signs without knowing the actual ailment. It is always advisable to seek medical attention to a professional doctor the moment you start feeling unwell.

    Most medics have complained in the past that most patients seek treatment when it’s too late. This means that when the disease has spread to higher and uncontrollable levels.

    Doctors say that it is for this reason that many patients succumbs.

However, if you seek medical attention to a hospital on time, it saves lives. 

Content created and supplied by: Charleswaka91 (via Opera News )


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