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Health Benefits Of Consuming Bananas And Groundnuts Regularly

It is revealed that banana is a very nutritious fruit packed with potassium and other numerous vitamins that helps to keep you strong and active. On the other hand groundnuts is a very vital nut fortified with Omega 3 fatty acid and fibre. When you see eat banana and groundnut together, you will stand to gain more nutrients and health benefits. Below are health conditions that will be prevented by consuming bananas and groundnut.

1. It helps to prevent constipation. Both banana and groundnut contain a high amount of fibre which which helps to prevent constipation. The probiotics present in banana helps to promote a proper bowel movement thereby reducing straining during stooling.

2. It helps to prevent high blood pressure. When you consume banana and groundnut regularly it will regulate your heart function and blood pressure. This is because they contain fibre which which helps to prevent high blood sugar by lowering your blood sugar levels.

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