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Top Five Kenyan Hospitals Equipped With Most Skilled and First Operating Doctors

When it come to the issues of health, Kenya is one of African countries with the best health facilities. The are also several also highly skilled personal and also the efficient operation equipment.

The highly well kenyan equiped hospitals, helps in saving many peoples life. Across East African Countries, Kenya is leading with 5 good life saving hospitals.

1. Kenyatta National Hospital

It is located in Upperhill Nairobi and it is the oldest hospital in Kenya, which was established in 1901. When Kenyatta hospital started, it had a capacity of 40 beds but if is currently having around 1800 beds.

It is the most best kenyan hospital with efficient equipment, where patient from other local hospitals are understaffed patient are transfered to kenyatta hospital, due to lack of enough equipment and skilled personnels.

2. Aga Khan University Hospital

It is a university hospital that offers teachings to medicine student, as well as referral to health facility in Nairobi. Aga Khan hospital is one of the top private healthy centers qualified doctors and other highly trained perssonnels from different fields.

3. Mp Shah Hospital

Shan hospital is one of the best quality kenyan Hospitals, it is equiped With profesional doctors and also affoers one of the best cancer treatment. The hospital is not only Known for palliative care, but also pediatric and outpatient services.

4. Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi hospital was established in 1954, it is remarkably known by it quality healthy care and has saved lives of many people. It offer radiology services with satsfying outcome, it also offers nurse training which goes for three years with affordable fees.

5. Moi Training And Referral Hospital

Moi Training and Referral Hospital is located in Eldoret Rift Valley, many patients with waste health cases gets referred there to seek for better medical attention. The international hospital also offer teachings to Moi university students.

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