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5 most effective WEIGHT LOSS exercises without any equipment

5. Squats.

A squat is a dynamic exercise that utilizes several muscles and joints in both your upper and lower body.

To perform a squat, lower your body and hips from a standing position by extending your knees in the direction of your toes, keep your hands parallel to the floor. Return to the start position. Repeat the cycle.

4. Plank.

A plank also called an abdominal bridge is an isometric core strength exercise. It is one of the best calorie burning exercises. The plank builds your core muscles (muscles in the midsection). It involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up except in this case the elbows touch the floor.

3. Leg raises.

Leg raises is a strength exercise which mainly targets the anterior hip flexors. It also builds your lower abdominal muscles.

2. Jumping jacks.

A jumping jack is a physical exercise performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread and the hands going overhead and then returning to the starting position (feet together and arms at the sides). It is an important cardiovascular exercise. Also helps you burn body fat.

1. Crunches.

Arguably the most popular abdominal exercise it is done while lying down on your back. Involves raising your upper body off the floor and then returning to the start position.

Unlike the leg raises, crunches mainly targets the upper abdominal muscles.

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