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10 Ways To Dealing With Negative Emotions.

1. Notice emotions.

What negative emotions are you noticing?Applying mindfulness to distance yourself. When you’re feeling that you’re getting overwhelmed by emotions, get back to being yourself. Being mindless makes you stuck, rigid, and judgmental. But mindfulness gives you the freedom to choose. So what perspective do you choose?

2. Name it to let go.

How would you describe the negative emotions? Naming an emotion enables the prefrontal cortex to notice the emotion and let it go or set it aside.

3. Accept.

How might you accept the negativity? Accept the fact that every cell in your body is doing the best it can with the resources it has at hand. Acceptance does not mean you have to like it. Could be dangerous for people who need therapy.

4. Experience.

What happens when you lean in to fully experience it? Suffering heals only by fully experiencing it.

5. Appreciate.

What are the good intentions of your suffering parts? Emotions let us know if our needs are getting met or not. Emotions want our attention and respect.

6. Connect.

Who are others who may be feeling similar emotions? In the moment you’re suffering say "There are other people out there in the world suffering like me. "I am not alone.

7. Compassion.

How can you show your negativity some compassion? Self-kindness, comforting, soothing. Can help save lives.

8. Curiosity.

What are the messages of your negative emotions? What’s the message, what’s the meaning, what need isn’t met? Helps changing the channel as you can’t have negative emotions when being curious. The obstacle in the way is the path.

9. Learning.

What is there to learn from your negative emotions? Dig into what there is to learn from your negative emotion, is it only negative or is it protecting you from something?

Unmet needs?

Unserved values?

10. Change.

What positive channel could you switch to?Change the channel. The brain can’t feel a negative and positive thought or emotion at the same time. Try to shift from overwhelming negative emotions to gratitude.

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