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When You Have Eye Injuries, Here Are Things You Should Never Do

Eye injuries are among the most debilitating and preventable injuries that workers face on the job. You would be less likely to sustain eye injuries if you learn any avoidable habits.

Every year, 100, 000 people experience permanent, debilitating eye injuries. Employees are especially vulnerable to eye injuries at work, but adequate safety precautions will reduce the risk of injury. Every workplace should have a rigorous safety training program in place. Here are some things you should never do to protect your eyes.

1. When dirt, pollen, or an object gets inside your eyes, never rub them. Rubbing your eyes will cause the material to become lodged in the eyeball or scratch the eyeball. To release and clear the particle, use a handkerchief.

2. It is never a good idea to delete an embedded post. Place a paper cup over the affected eye, then bandage both eyes. Consult a medical provider right away.

3. Never look at a computer monitor for much more than an hour without pausing to refocus. Refocusing the eyes every hour or so can help to reduce pressure.

4. When you get chemicals in your eyes, never hesitate. When you' ve been sprayed with chemicals, every second counts. Rinse your eyes for 20 minutes at the nearest water tap or, ideally, a safety showers station. Contact a medical provider right away.

5. Never use a forging torch, laser, or sun light without proper eye protection. Within minutes, the eye may be damaged beyond repair. If you believe you have been injured in this case, seek medical attention immediately.

6. Never work in an environment of airborne debris or chemicals without proper eye protection. Often adhere to the company' s eyewear policies. It could save you a lifetime of pain.

What' s the catch? 

Both eye injuries should be treated as soon as possible. While this article contains eye injury tips, it is not a replacement for proper training or the recommendation of a doctor. Don' t become one of the 1 million people who experience eye injuries each year. Follow the training and guidance provided by your organization.

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