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Stop Using Your Earpiece For A Long Period Of Time To Save Yourself

Doctors have 60- 60 rule for safe headphone consumption, ie 60% volume for every 60 minutes of listening is harmless. If we break this rule, we can experience the feeling of spinning, nausea and even suffer from sleep disorders. I believe that every device can turn into a weapon if it is not used. I decided to look for an expert opinion, which can happen to us when we overcome our headphones, and here is what I found. You may receive a compression head pain that carries too long headphones to drive the head that is exposed to the pressure that should not happen from nature. As a result, our scalp and the inner ear compresses and we can get a headache, wearing earphones can even worse migraines when prone to them are prone to them.

You could develop an impaired audience note that most of the 30- year- olds should be able to hear a 17- kilometer sound, which means that they can hear a sewing mint. The truth, however, is most young people who can not hear at their age at this level.

People have 15, 000 hearing cells at birth, but if we lose ourselves, he can not be restored. Scientists bind this cell loss problem to the frequent use of headphones. Headphones can also act like cotton swabs and push the wax deeper into the ear canal, this can lead to Earschachen and dizziness.

They can develop a special disease of Vertigo dizziness, is a spinning sense of the balance of equilibrium, an illusion of the movement that is not there. It is accompanied by nausea and dizziness. Occurs when our ears are clogged by the noise insulating earphones. Additional factor that causes the feeling of the spinning listens to music at the highest volume. While we use a few small objects into our ears, we stimulate the inner ear and create an unnatural pressure in itself. Non- existent sounds, even in full

silence, excessive use of headphones that leads the wearing of headphones to an annoying sense of tinnitus. You start, click, click, Summing, Zischen, Zischen or in your ears also in a total style and rest. This sensation has no cure, but can easily be prevented by reducing headphone time and the volume is sent into its earplugs as stressed by scientists.

You can get skin problems, and acne- medical experts have confirmed that those who often wear large, eared headphones, especially if they work out and sweat, allow thousands of unpleasant bacteria to multiply. This can lead to acne and skin infections.

The excessive oil from the inside of your ear can also begin with the help of earplugs, creating a good condition for bacteria that can lead to ear pitches.

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