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Controversy as CS Kagwe Goes for 24B Cuban Deal Despite Warning From World Health Organization

In his three week tour to Cuba, Kenyan Health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe signed a deal with cuban health minister Dr. Jose Angel that will see Kenya purchase Cuba's biologic technological approach to controlling the spread of Malaria.

The deal inked by Kagwe will see Kenya use Cuba's larvicide technology to curb mosquito breeding and the spread of Malaria at a cost 24 billion.

According to the ministry of health, a team of 101 cuban health specialists has already arrived in the country to help identify and establish key mosquito breeding sites across Kenya. The 101 medics will work in Kenya for the coming two years which is the period within which the plan will be executed.

Global malaria experts stated the larvicide is an expensive malaria control method that requires many specialists and many local volunteers.

A report by the world health organization discouraged the use of larvicide in sub - Saharan Africa. WHO research established that the expensive larvicide method can only be used in areas where mosquito breeding grounds are known, few and fixed - this is not the case in Africa where mosquito breeding grounds are many/not fixed.

It is difficult to understand why the goverment of Kenya through Kagwe would go on and accept such a deal despite WHO warning on it's irrelevancy in Africa.

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